Steam heating is one of my specialties.  All steam boilers I replace are  done in black iron piping, reason being they are more efficient . If you have a steam boiler replaced and they used copper you were cheated, your heating dollars are being lost through the thin walls of the copper pipe.
I met a customer who had a replacement  boiler done ,his original boiler was in black iron, he had fan on top of it. I asked him what the fan was for?  He said, I used to use it to draw heat off the boiler for my work shop ,but I haven't needed it since my boiler was replaced in copper  pipe now some times  I even  have to open a window because its so hot.
This picture is one of our basic Hydronic boiler installations. We always try to do neat work.  This way everything  is easily accessed for servicing. 
       This picture is a combination hydronic system for hot water radiators in floor radiant heating with an in direct fired water heater.                                                                               
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